Surveys For cash

Can you really earn cash for doing surveys?

It really is a question that lots of people are asking. There are thousands of sites that are offering a cash incentive to complete surveys.

If you’ve found a site offering to pay you cash, I recommend you check them out thoroughly and under no circumstances should you be paying a fee to join or a fee to be a member.

There certainly is some legitimate companies offering gifts and vouchers for completing surveys but there is no reason to pay for this. It should most definitely be the other way around. It’s your time that needs to be renumerated.

Filling out surveys can be very time consuming and without being compensated fairly, you might be working for less than a few dollars per hour. Although if you have the time and enjoy doing it you might find it rewarding enough.

Be wary of collecting your rewards or money as some survey companies make it very hard to cash in your points when you decide you have enough.

All in all I would steer clear of all survey companiesĀ as it’s easier to make money in other ways.

One comment on “Surveys For cash
  1. Hello,
    Survey thing is crap, I lost $50 in it and never earned anything, infact I registered to around 40 survey websites, but except 1 website no website every sent me any paid surveys. And the website which sent, closed the survey even before I enter to attend it. So I would recommend anybody to not waste your time and energy for earning by surveys, the author of this article is very right, there are many better ways to earn online.

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