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Hey, Steve here.

Thanks for visiting Jobs For Online.Steve

I started out working online back in 2009 and had little to no success, in fact I pretty much had no success.

I spent a lot of my time just learning the ropes and trying to create a website, from scratch. It was a very hard slog and basically I sucked at it.

I tried lots of different work from home programs,as I was looking for the solution to not having to join the rat race everyday. I hate sitting in a car that isn’t moving very fast day in day out.

It wasn’t easy back then, as I had no experience with computers or websites and didn’t even know how to send an email. However, I did believe one day that I would be able to do what I want, when I want and not have to keep slugging it out in the rat race every day.

I guess the one thing that kept me going was the dream to one day be able to have my own business working from home, that way I could finally tell my boss where to go jump.

I really longed for the total control of my own life and that meant I had to take control now, so I could have total control later.

As I mentioned before, I hate being stuck in traffic at the best of times, but having to sit through it every single day, morning and afternoon, is enough to make you want to scream.    (Very loud!)

I now spend my days doing as I please. I work from home or where ever the day takes me. Sometimes I just work a few hours a night, after the kids have gone to bed. This leaves the day free for me to do what I want and most days I like to walk the kids to school and play some golf.

Now I’m no computer guru and don’t have any special talents. However, I do have the determination to succeed and the drive to have total control of my own life. If you have a goal to make more money and have more free time then Jobs For Online can help you.

If it’s the answers you’ve been looking for as well, then I hope this website provides you with some guidance along with the motivation so you too can take total control over your life.

Once again my name is Steve and if you ever need anything just leave me a comment or you can also get in contact with me through Wealthy Affiliate (here is a link to my profile)

All the best!

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